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The shop is sponsored by three artists who are talented in painting and love the public welfare. They entrust their paintings to the shop for sale.with 20 percent of the income to painters, 60 percent to pay for gallery operations and 20 percent to the Clean Water Project (110000 rural schools in China still lack access to safe drinking water today).it is hoped that with this mode of operation, donations can be made on a continuous basis. 


The actions of the three founders were recognized and a growing number of talented painters were involved. Many of them are shy and introverted. In order to balance the tone and shape and make the painting more perfect, they may stay awake all night or stand in front of the painting all day. Although the creative process takes a lot of energy, but still pious to complete each piece of work, and very enthusiastic contribution to some of our shops. Like one of my founders.Tony.


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