How Should The Frame Of Decorative Painting Be Selected?

A lot of friends hang adornment picture on the wall of oneself home, make up the empty view of a blank, add rich atmosphere. Set off the temperament of the literati, highlight the taste of life. Decorative painting collocation and indoor environment not only with each other but also with home color style collocation.
What kind of decorative frame to a good convergence of the effect of the whole space?
All kinds of material frame
Selection points of decorative painting frame.

1. The integrity of the style of the decorative picture frame.

The decorative picture frame requires uniformity in the overall style, and cannot contain other style elements, resulting in a lack of emphasis on the space decoration and a perfunctory feeling. In particular, a room to hang a number of decorative paintings, a unified style can better reflect the texture of the space. Embellished with a harmonious and strong taste of life.

2. The sense of freeing space of decorative picture frame.

When choosing a decorative painting, consider its size and the size of the wall space. To determine whether it can accommodate the decorative frame, if the wall space is more spacious, you can choose a larger decorative painting.
If you have a small area, choose a smaller character and a personalized picture. This will not leave a sense of oppression, but also leave a whole beauty for the wall.

3. Color fusion of decorative picture frame.

The color of the decorative frame is also very important.
First of all, it should not be too heavy, which will cover the brilliance of the decorative painting. The color of modern home walls is mostly white, and the colors of the home, floor, carpet, and curtain are different.
Therefore, the color of the decorative frame is best matched with the color of the display itself to form a mutual beauty.
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